Sunday, January 12, 2014

Reading in the Wild Chat Tonight!

Are you ready to talk about Reading in the Wild? I know I am! Join Donalyn Miller, Teri Lesesne, and myself at 8pm Eastern as we talk about Donalyn's new book, what you have taken away from it, and questions you still have for Donalyn. 

I have had several folks mention this is the first Twitter chat they've been in, so let me give you some tips.

First, the hashtag is super important. The hashtag for this chat is #wildreading. You have to put it on each of your tweets to show up in the chat thread. 

To read the tweets in the chat you can either just type the hashtag into Twitter in the search box at the top and then select "All" below it to see all of the tweets. Importantly, you will still need to add the hashtag to all of your tweets if use Twitter for the chat. 

I use Tweetchat to participate in Twitter Chat. I know Teri has said she uses Twubs. I'm assuming it works similar to Tweetchat. If you'd like to follow along tonight in Tweetchat, here is what you do.

Head on over to Tweetchat. On the far right it says "Sign in". You will need to click on that.

You then need to authorize the app so that you can tweet from your account while you are in it.

After that it will take you back to the Tweetchat page and you will need to enter the hashtag at the top of the page that you want to follow. In tonight's case, it is #wildreading. Type it in and hit "go."

Then the tweets will start rolling in. You can type your tweets in the box at the top but you do not have to type the hashtag #wildreading in your tweets while on Tweetchat, it will automatically do that for you. 

Twitter chats tend to go really fast. Don't worry if you can't read every single tweet, there is usually an archive for that. Read what you can, jump in and respond when you want, and have fun. Retweet tweets you like or think are important. 

Have a blast and happy tweeting! Hope to see you tonight!