Sunday, January 26, 2014

#Nerdlution Round Two

Tomorrow begins a second round of #nerdlution. My first round was a bit of a bust, or so I thought. As I blogged about it HERE, I planned on walking each day and writing each day. Specifically, I wanted to write towards creating a book. And, I failed – or did I? It’s true, I don’t have a book or anything resembling the outline for a book even, but I wrote daily. Sometimes blogs, sometimes in my journal, sometimes a new document on the computer and no idea what would become of it, but I wrote.

I also worked towards getting the idea for a book. So many of us talk about writing one – I know because you wonderful people email me and tell me you are just as stuck as I am. That helps tremendously because I know I’m not alone. I love writing, but this is uncharted territory for me. What do I know enough about to fill an entire book? I’m still not sure. There is a nugget of an idea there and I’m searching for it. Until I find it, I will write.

I did walk, but not daily. Last night when I was reading tweets from Colby and Franki I thought about my failure at #nerdlution. Then I realized, I probably walk five nights out of seven now, and that’s progress. Before #nerdlution I was walking maybe one out of seven.

So what did I discover from those first fifty days? Something I think I’ve known. I need to be kinder to myself. I need balance. (Hello my one little word.) Trying to do something every day was not working for me, but goals are good so I’m jumping back in.

Here’s my #nerdlution for round two:

Basically, I want to continue to focus on my OLW – Balance. That’s is a daily reflection for me. Did I try and balance my life that day? If not, there is tomorrow.

I want to write four articles for Choice Literacy because I haven’t written any lately.

I’d like to read forty books – four of which need to be professional books. I picked forty because I’ll be turning forty during this round. I’m not at all sad about that, I think forty will be fun!

And I want to continue to write, and write, and write. My hope is that writing as much as possible of these next fifty days will help me discover my voice and what it is that I want to say.

So there you have it, my #nerdlution for round two. How about you? Are you working on anything? Please join us if you’d like. If you tweet, just make sure you add the hashtag into your tweets.