Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cybils and Connections

Two quick notes:

One, I’m so excited and honored to be part of the Cybils award this year! I get to serve on the 2012 Easy Readers and Short Chapter Books team with these amazing folks:

The 2012 Easy Readers/Short Chapter Books Judges
Round 1
Jeff Barger
NC Teacher Stuff
Katie Fitzgerald
Secrets & Sharing Soda 
Teri Lesesne
Professor Nana and LS5385 
Colby Sharp
sharpread and Nerdy Book Club
@colbysharp and @nerdybookclub
Katherine Sokolowski
Read, Write, Reflect 
Round 2
Catherine Nichols
The Cath in the Hat
Nancy Talan
5 Minutes for Books
And second, a entertaining note from today. I posted awhile back about an essay I was having my students write on defining greatness. (HERE) Today I finished up Wonder in my classroom. Mr. Tushman gives a speech at the end of the book and in it he says something to the effect of,

What is greatness? It isn’t something you can define. …. (and on)

A boy in my class piped up, “Mrs. S, that’s why you had us write those essays, you were tying Wonder, The Dot, and your Be Kind lessons together, weren’t you?”

My quick response was, “Absolutely.” Honestly, I love when things just come together for me. Had to chuckle a bit.