Friday, September 28, 2012

My "to read" shelf

Today I was trying to explain to a student why I owned a copy of Bad Island by TenNapel but it wasn’t in my classroom quite yet. Trying to explain to a ten-year-old why over a hundred books sat in my bedroom. I read a lot, but not enough to keep up with all the books coming in my home. Too much in – not enough out. Hmm. I have this issue with calories as well.

At any rate, I told them I’d videotape my “to read” shelf. I am embarrassed by it. I’ve read 339 books this year so far and it still looks like this. My husband, Chris, would say that it’s an easy problem to fix. Stop buying books! Sorry, honey, not going to happen.

As I taped I was well aware of shelves of friends that, I am positive, have more books than this. And I also knew if I took you on a tour of our home you’d find stacks of books by the front door, back door, in baskets downstairs, etc. I did ponder as I taped – I have PD books at school and PD books at home. Educator friends – where do you keep your PD books? I don’t know if I have a reason for the sort – other than if I’m “using” one for ideas for lessons, it’s usually at school. Thoughts?

So here’s my bedroom and shelves in all of their glory. Please forgive the headboardless bed – we remodeled and moved into this room just over a year ago but I just can’t find the exact bed I want. Or, to be truthful, I have found it but it costs a ridiculous amount so I wait to see if I truly want it. Welcome to my shelves.

One more thing - as I taped this I realized I do not own any PD books by the two great Dons - Murray and Graves. If you needed to start reading their amazing works - which ones would you suggest? Thanks friends!