Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Slice of Life - Summer Exhaustion

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I’m exhausted. Eighteen days into summer and my head is spinning. I remember what summers off from teaching were like before I had kids or even when they were little. Bliss. Endless days of no plans would march ahead of me for two months.

But now, each week we have:
·      Two or more little league practices
·      Three or more little league games nights
·      Five swim team practices
·      One swim meet
·      Friends over for sleepovers
·      Playdates
·      Camps – overnight, golf, basketball, soccer, reading
·      Pool days

And more. I turned to a friend at a baseball game last night and told her weeks like this make me long for the fall, but not really.

I think I always go into summer thinking it will be like the summers of old where I relaxed for weeks on end. But those summers will come again, eventually. And when they do I know I will long for these summers where I leave and return to my house ten or more times a day. Summers where my boys’ laughter and arguments bounce off of the walls of our house. Summers of togetherness. So while I might greet August with exhaustion this year I will still appreciate this summer and know that I only have eight more with Luke and ten more with Liam before they leave for college. That thought alone make me want to hold on to this crazy busy summer with both hands.

Happy Summer.