Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Slice of Life - Brothers

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My boys just got back from a weekend with my sister. They bounded into the house, told me stories of the fun things they did. My favorite might have been when Luke said they had gone to Golden Corral for dinner and when he saw all of the food, he was sure he was dreaming. J

When they returned home I noticed Liam was a bit teary. Chris picked him up and at first we thought he was sad after leaving his aunt and niece. But then he really started sobbing. I sat by him and talked, finally narrowing down what was upsetting him so much. Luke is leaving for summer camp on Tuesday and gone through Saturday. This is only the second time they have been separated for more than a day since Liam was born, seven years ago. He cried and talked about missing “his Lukey.” Finally Luke came in, took him by the arm, and they went to our bedroom to watch TV together.

Chris and I talked about how sad it was but how nice it is that they care so much about each other. They are close but also fight just like brothers do. On a regular day they get along and also disagree at different times. Deep down I hope they care a lot about each other. And, as I watched them decided to sleep in the same room last night for Luke’s “last night” at home before camp, I think they do.