Monday, June 4, 2012

Making Time

Kate’s mini-lesson this morning is on making time to write, not finding time. Making time means it is a priority. I get that. I’m now exercising at least three times a week where I wasn’t at the start of 2012. I always said I didn’t have the time but when I scheduled it, exercise became a priority.

So, for writing this summer I will make time. My plan is at least thirty minutes a day, after working out and showering. I will write in my bedroom because I love it and am comfortable there. I want to write more off of the computer, in my journal. I think I need to brainstorm more.

As for when the school year starts, I think thirty minutes when I get home from school would work well. Before dinner as my boys enjoy some downtime of their own shouldn’t be a problem.

Today’s thirty minutes will start with Jo Knowles blog and her Monday prompt. Can’t wait to get started!