Saturday, December 31, 2011


Reading Franki Sibberson’s post at Nerdy Book Club today got me thinking about resolutions. Like Franki, mine always revolve around getting healthy. Maybe I will run, maybe I will commit to five workouts a week, etc. But in regard to reading, what are my resolutions? I’m planning on joining a couple of reading challenges this year.

Donalyn Miller calls Goodreads her reading brain, and I agree. I am doing a better job on actually tracking each book I read. According to the site, I have read 263 books this year. For 2012 my goal is 300. They don’t have a new widget yet on the site to track the progress for 2012 but as soon as they do, I’ll be adding it to this site.


John Schu of Watch Connect Read and Colby Sharp of Sharpreads are hosting this multi-year challenge – to read all the Newbery winners from 1922-present in chronological order. I will be joining them on this two year challenge.


Laura of LibLaura5 and Anna of A to Z Library are hosting this multi-year challenge – to read all of the Caldecott Medal and Honor books from 1938-present. I don’t think I will necessarily do this one in order, but as I can find the books.

State Awards

In Illinois we also have state awards. The nominees will be announced sometime in February (I think). I read all 20 nominees for Monarch (aimed for readers Kindergarten-3rd), Bluestem (aimed for readers in 3rd-5th), and Rebecca Caudill (aimed at readers in 4th-8th). So I plan on reading all 60 of these books before the start of the next school year.

My only other resolution in regard to reading is to use my library more. It is so easy to order books online, and I do that all too often. This is how I end up donating books to my middle school library because I want to read it but it ends up being too mature for my students. I am trying to cut down on how much I spend on books so I want to focus on using my public library more and only buying the ones for my class that I know will fit my classroom.

Now I need to finish my last book of 2011, which will be 264 – The Cheshire Cheese Cat: A Dickens of a Tale. So far I love it. And I’ll be back tomorrow to post about my personal resolution, which will be my One Little Word as I join Two Writing Teachers. I’ll share my word tomorrow.
Cheers from my home to yours. Happy New Year!
~ Katherine