Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Dragon's Tooth by N.D. Wilson

Ashtown Burials I: The Dragon's Tooth (book trailer with alternate score) from Gorilla Poet Productions on Vimeo.

I’ve had this book on my bedside table for over two weeks. I knew, from reading friends’ reviews, that I would love this book. However, it’s not a tiny book. I needed to have a stretch of time to devote to reading it. That time was available yesterday.

Let me start with the story. There are three kids living in an a rundown roadside motel in Wisconsin. Daniel is the oldest brother and most of the responsibility – and burden – of running the family lies with him. Antigone, or Tigi, is the middle child. Cyrus, or Cy, is the youngest at almost twelve years old. They have spent the last two years trying to survive since their dad died in California and their mom slipped into a deep sleep. (She resides at a nearby hospital)

The main two protagonists are Tigi and Cy. After an incident at their motel they are left on their own to learn about a world of explorers they didn’t know existed, much less that their family has been a part of it. They have sworn an oath and will now learn more about these explorers that have been guardians of many of the secrets of the world.  Hopefully this new group will help them find some answers, like where their brother has disappeared to and why the stranger came to their motel, gave Cy keys, was engaged in a great battle, and died as their motel burned.

I loved many things about this book. One, it takes place in the Midwest which my students will love. Two, Cy and Tigi have to rely on their wits and strength in battle, not magic. Three, there is a plethora of likeable characters in here. I am particularly fond of Nolan. Four, it was action packed and difficult to put down.

Listen to N.D. Wilson here on NPR (about 8 minutes long). Excellent interview and I love his thoughts on why he created the series the way he did.

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Reading level: 5th on up

Genre: Fantasy
Appeals to: Boys and Girls

Rating: Five Stars

Release date: August 2011