Monday, June 4, 2012

It's Monday! What are you reading?

I’m joining Jen & Kellee (and many other bloggers) in discussing what we are reading this week. Join us! Go to their site and link up your own blog.

Hmm. Already falling behind in my summer #bookaday. To be fair, I was out of town this weekend and hanging out with the family I was with was more important than reading. That being said, I need to catch up! Here we are on the tenth day of summer and I am reading book number 8! Argh! Oh well. Here's a photo of my reading last week:

All of the books in the photo were AMAZING! Love the Topps League series. Can’t wait to introduce it to some boys at summer reading camp tomorrow.

I’m obsessed with anything Kate Messner writes and reviewed Capture the Flag here.

And One for the Murphys…. Read it. Actually read it WITH a box of Kleenex. I had the misfortune of having my friend, an electrician, in our house as I finished. He was shocked by the amount of tears I was shedding. J

Next up:
Every Day by David Levithan
White Stag by Kate Seredy


  1. I looked up One for the Murphy's, Katherine. Looks like another teary book for sure. Thanks for telling about the Topps League books too. I'll keep an eye out for them.

  2. Hannahlily SmithJune 4, 2012 at 9:17 AM

    Oh No! One for the Murphys is a sad book too? It seems like we have been having a lot of tear-enducing novels in 2012 (Wonder, Ivan, The Fault in Our Stars, Code Name Verity all made me tear up and I haven't even gotten to See You at Harry's yet). Can't wait to hear what you think of Every Day and I so seriously need to get my hands on Capture the Flag. Everybody loves it!

  3. One for the Murphys is the book of the week I think- I'll have to read it as soon as I can.
    Thank you for telling me about the Topps League books- I've never heard of them!!!
    I just got Capture the Flag, so I cannot wait to read it :)

    BTW- you have to tweet me how you show the pictures of what you read! I love it :)

    Happy reading this week :)

  4. I want to read One for the Murphy's now! I keep seeing it all over the place. Sounds great. I want to read more David Levithan, too. I found another collaboration book he did with Rachel Cohn that I haven't read yet. The last I read by him was the Lover's Dictionary (an adult book).