Saturday, March 3, 2018


I'm attempting to write everyday in March.Today is 3/31.

Words. I tend to surround myself with them. In my classroom they can be found in quotes that hang all around as reminders to me. There's a quote from Penny Kittle...

I believe you've got to do what's right, every single day of your life, even if the rest of the crowd isn't. Teaching is about honor and goodness and mercy. It really is. And no one will be watching you most of the time. You either live up to the calling of this profession or you don't, and most likely no one will ever know but you.

There's a quote I wrote down after reading a teacher named Paul's blog one day...

Inside them are birds
Our classroom can be a cage
Or a field, a sky.

So many words, we are surrounded by them.

This morning as I made coffee to fortify Chris and myself as we drive three hours each way to watch Luke run, I glanced around our kitchen. Words. This is my favorite room in our house and I've surrounded myself with words. Even our bedroom, second favorite room, has quotes. Heck, the t-shirt I'm wearing today has one on it. How about you? Is there a quote you live by? Words you surround yourself with? 

Words around our house...