Monday, March 12, 2018

Book Love

I'm attempting to write everyday in March.Today is post 12 of 31.

No time whatsoever for writing a post. I left my house at 5pm to pick Liam up at track practice where he'd been since 3:30pm. Needed to have him at an Acceleration class by 6pm thirty miles away. Sat in the parking lot and read. 7pm I drove him across town to the YMCA for a basketball practice. I ran errands while he attend practice at at 8:30pm we finally began the thirty mile drive home. 

I'm exhausted and I didn't have three plus hours of exercise tonight. 

So, it's a quick post to say that I was reshelving some classroom library books today and I came across this copy of Jason Reynolds' Long Way Down. I haven't seen it on the shelf since I bought it. Opening the front cover, I looked inside to see if there was still a waiting list. It's been almost five months, but apparently we have finally reached the end. The book has been well loved already. Students have secretly passed the book to friends, bypassing the waiting list, much to the dismay of their classmates. They can't help it, it's a book to share. It's a book to make you think. And I saw that clearly from a student today who handed another copy back to the other Language Arts teacher in seventh grade with the comment, "Love the book, hate the ending." I glanced up quickly, he doesn't typically express a lot of emotion. As soon as those words came out, several students began talking to him about the book.

Book Love. Yep, these kids have it in abundance.