Saturday, March 17, 2018

I'll Drive

I'm attempting to write everyday in March.Today is post 17 of 31.

By far my favorite mode of transportation is the car. Now for those of you who know me in real life, this is probably not shocking. I abhor flying. It isn't just the intense fear of crashing, or the lack of control I have when the plane begins to taxi. I even abhor the airport. The waiting with no further movement. I can't stand sitting in the gate area, feeling more and more anxious as the flight draws near. Even upon landing, there is no relief. I want to be off that plane immediately, but know that we'll have to wait. And then, there's baggage claim.

Yep, no fan of travel by plane. 

Trains are better, somewhat. I actually enjoy the movement, the light rocking as it goes over the tracks. You don't have to arrive ridiculously early, hurrying to the train station just to wait. No, my issue with travel by rail is the unreliability. If we lived in Europe, I'd use it regularly. Here, nope. There is no assurance you will be even remotely on time and that is unbelievably frustrating.

So, travel by car it is. It isn't without its headaches - road construction, weather, and accidents. However, I love time in the car, which is a good thing when you have kids in sports. 

Today Chris and I needed to divide and conquer. Liam had a basketball game thirty miles away, Luke had a track meet sixty miles away. I immediately volunteered to drive to the track meet. I knew that the drive would not bother me like it would Chris. His six foot seven frame does not enjoy being folded into a vehicle for any length of time, much less the five or so hours of bleacher sitting at a track meet. This does not impact a five foot two frame, so off I went. An hour each way, an audiobook to fill the miles, it was awesome. And watching one of my two favorite runners made the in-between time pretty good too.

Yep, when given the choice, I'll gladly drive. And while I do love the view of the ocean, or a mountain rage, the plains of Illinois are pretty amazing too.