Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Best Part of My Day - Slice of Life 4/18/17

Colby Sharp has started making a video every day to share the best part of his teaching day. (Check out his first one here.) He asked people today to share the best part of their day and use the hashtag . When I heard his video today I realized that this would make the perfect Slice of Life post!

And truly, my day rocked. It began with cheering up my son, Liam. It's his 12th birthday, but it started off a bit sour because his alarm didn't go off. A trip to get donuts turned that around quickly. And how much do I love that I could sing to him between classes and run across the hall before his lunch to give him a birthday hug. He said he didn't love that part, but his giant grin told me otherwise. Day made.

Also, I had a blast with my classes today. We began the day in homerooms finding out that our class performed the most kind acts during a challenge. Woo hoo! We also began a class Instagram account to share book talks (@SagesHoots if you'd like to follow us). They are also being shared at our Twitter account with the same username. Finally, we posted our Blackout poetry from last week on a wall. Looking over their poems filled me with pride. They are just so creative!

Tonight I'm hanging with my crazy dogs before we're heading to Liam's band concert. And while I certainly have other things that need to fill that hour, I can't wait to see how his band has grown since the winter concert.

So Colby, there is no one , because the whole day rocked. Thanks for the chance to reflect on it!

Slice of Life is a challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers