Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Teacher Who Reads- Slice of Life 4/11/17

It was tenth period,
Students off to specials,
a "to do" list with no end
stretched out before me.
And yet, 
I picked it up.
Just a few more pages I told myself.

I'm a teacher who reads
and I hope you are too.
Not necessarily a teacher,
but a reader.

Readers live more 
lives than their own.
Finding solace between the 
covers of a book.
a band-aid for heartache.

Through books you 
learn to understand the
world around you
and your place in it.

It doesn't seem so scary.

Through books you
realize that you 
are not alone.
Others have trod this path
before you.

I cannot imagine my life
without books
without stories.

So yes,
I make time for reading
each day.
It is no hardship,
my life is incomplete without it.

The students were gone.
Forty-four minutes stretched ahead of me
on the clock.
To read just a few pages
then get to work.
Before I knew it, 
the bell rang.
My head jerked up,
looking around, 
fully expected to be in England
with Jane and G.

I'm a teacher who reads
and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Slice of Life is a challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers