Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Be Still My Heart - Slice of Life 4/4/17

Hey, hey, hey - it's Slice of Life Tuesday and I'm actually here. Even more than that, the March challenge ended Friday and I've written two posts, two posts, since then.

I'll wait for the applause to end.

I didn't think I'd actually write a Slice this week. The challenge just ended. I'm trying to rebalance, get items on my to do list checked off, etc. But then, I took a picture on my phone. And another. And another.

There was a time, not so long ago, that I had a film camera. I loved photography. I loved trying to figure out how to take good photos. I brought Luke home from the hospital and took rolls of film, hoping for a few that were decent to document this new love of my life. 

Shortly after Luke was born, we switched to digital. I could take less photos, knowing if I had the shot I wanted, but I ended up taking even more. Photos helped me document our lives.

Flash forward to my phone. It is near me at all times. When I see something I want to capture and keep, I pull it out and snap a shot. Here are a few moments that captured my heart this week:

Rosie looking off in despair. Our new puppy - Leia - got up on the couch on her own. Rosie's safety zone was gone.

Coming home from school and finding Liam curled up on the couch reading HP #3. When I commented to him that I loved the book, Luke piped up from the basement that I was right, Andrew Smith's Winger was excellent. I love that my boys are readers.

Getting a text from Luke before school that he had caught a stray dog in our yard and I needed to find the owner. (Thanks to Facebook, I did in five minutes.) I love that his heart is so big for animals that he runs out of our house to make sure one is ok.

While Chris had a lot he needed to do, seeing him play basketball with Liam (and/or Luke) makes my heart smile.

Looking up from a reading conference and seeing three seventh grade boys, draped across each other on the couch, sharing a picture book, is simply the best.

Finally, I love seeing students apply offhand comments to their work. I once shared that I like to tape things in my journal, to write off of them. We do quick writes outside on Mondays. This day a student snagged some dandelions to inspire her. 

I'm grateful to the camera on my phone. I don't even think about taking photos much anymore, it is instinct. But then, when I look at the camera roll, I can see what I loved, what moments I wanted to capture, and I'm filled with joy.

Slice of Life is a challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers