Saturday, March 26, 2016

What A Week!

My happy place...
Apologies, it has been two weeks since I've posted. I hope to have more time soon, but I keep saying that and it hasn't happened. Instead, I'm going to jump into some moments to celebrate from the past week...

Celebrating Readers

On the 18th we had some extended reading time in my class. As I pulled my students out of their reading zones to get ready to head to PE, one ran up and almost knocked me over with a forceful hug. While typical when I taught kindergarten, this is not usual behavior for a fifth grader. I hugged her back, trying to steady myself, I realized she was crying. Actually, it was more like a sob. I asked her what was wrong as my eyes met her classmates and she got out, "My book..." As soon as she said that, I hugged her tighter. She was reading Fig Pudding and I knew exactly what part she was at. I loved that my students got it too. The fact that no one thought her sobbing and my tearing up was strange speaks volumes to the amazing kids I have spent the year with.

Celebrating Spring Break
On the 19th my family and I packed up and headed out of Illinois for sunny California. We spent about five days in the San Francisco area, visiting some of my husband's family. It was a wonderful time away and I got to see the ocean, which is one of my favorite sites in the world.

Celebrating Saturdays

I love Saturdays...time to spend with family, relax, read, and often - hear from two friends. While I don't get to "see" Colby Sharp and John Schumacher often, I get to hear their voices fairly regularly. Most Saturdays you can find a video from each of them on their blogs. I love seeing what books they are reading and what they are up to. Specifically, today they both shared two books I absolutely love - Wild Robot by Peter Brown and Weekends With Max and His Dad by Linda Urban. These come out April 5th and I cannot wait to purchase final copies. They are beautiful and important books. You can see Colby's Saturday video HERE and John's HERE.

Celebrating New Beginnings
This photo doesn't really do it justice, but you can get an idea. 
My husband and I took the plunge and decided to have our kitchen remodeled this year. It is a huge undertaking. There was structural issues that needed to be corrected, walls removed, electrical items to fix, etc. Currently my kitchen is taken back to the studs. I'm cooking on a panini press, grill, and a crockpot. For someone who enjoys cooking - and organization - this is trying. I keep reminding myself that it is all worth it. We've just wrapped up week two and have at least four to go. Deep breaths. 

I hope you all have had a beautiful week!