Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Podcasts - I Love Them

I've been listening to podcasts for quite awhile. Some I stick with over time, others I enjoy for awhile, then grow out of. They have become my favorite type of audio to listen to while I walk Rosie each morning. I begin with The Writer's Almanac, then move on to another podcast to fill the 30 minute walk.

Today I was overjoyed to find three episodes of Penny Kittle's Book Love podcast along with one of her episodes from Stories from the Teaching Life that I hadn't heard before. I cannot adequately express how important these episodes were to me. 

Teaching is a lonely profession at times. I never, ever, think I've got it all together. I can constantly look at what I'm doing and see so many areas I need to improve in. And while colleagues are wonderful and supportive, no one has the exact same job as you, with the same kids, same issues, same curriculum. Each day I stare out at a sea of 70 faces and wonder what I can do to be the best teacher to them that day. Each day I succeed in some areas, fall short in others, and am left thinking that I need to do better tomorrow. It's tough. 

Penny's podcasts lift my spirits exactly when I need it, with the exact message that I need. Today her episode on Stories from the Teaching Life was eerily close to something I was dealing with myself. While I teach fifth and she teaches high school, I needed that message today. 

Another podcast I love is The Yarn, created by two friends - Travis Jonker and Colby Sharp. Their newsletter is also a good spot for podcast recommendations. Each Sunday a newsletter comes to your inbox and it always has a great podcast recommendation in it, among other things. You can sign up for the newsletter HERE

How about you? Do you have a favorite podcast? Please share below if you do. I love adding to my list that I subscribe to. And I added photos of the ones I listen to below in case you are looking for recommendations.