Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Who Owns the Learning? #CyberPD

Last week I read several blog posts on the book selected for this year’s #cyberPD – Who Owns the Learning by Alan November. When the book had been selected several weeks ago, I glanced at it and quickly dismissed joining – I just didn’t have the time. However, upon reading the blog I knew I immediately needed to purchase this book.

Once it arrived this weekend I quickly worked to read the first two chapters along with chapter 3 and 4 that were being discussed this week. Chapter 3 focuses on a classroom scribe, chapter 4 on a classroom researcher. Here is what I’ve taken away from the book so far.

·      I use a lot of technology in the classroom, but sometimes not deeply enough. I often get caught up in trying something out and then leaving it and trying the next thing.
·      I need to give up ownership and let the kids do more work. I started a classroom blog last year, but quickly abandoned it when it was just one more thing I had to do. Pondering how to have the students take it over. It would be a great spot for a “classroom scribe” to record our learning in a given day – do I give the kids the password? Leave the publishing to me? Still trying to figure this out.
·      I need to continue to grow the audience my students “publish” for. Debating the best way to go about that.
·      Teaching them how to research online is more detailed than I thought.
·      Wondering how to use the jobs described in the book to the best advantage in a fifth grade classroom.

I’m grateful I read those posts last night and can participate in #cyberpd. My brain is whirling with possibilities for this fall. 

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