Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Slice of Life - Summer Marches On

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Time. I often lament how fast time goes now. I clearly remember summer seemed to stretch out in endless days when I was younger. Days flowed into nights, my skin turned a great shade of brown, vacations passed, and then one day it would be time to shop for school supplies again. (Which, I will note, were not out until at least August. This July stuff sends me into cold sweats.) Summers as a kid were blissful.

Now it seems that I just caught my breath from the school year being over and we’re already half way through July. How can that be possible? My mind turned to school preparation yesterday – parent night, conference sign-ups, and more. YIKES! Slow down, summer.

This summer I have sat with Luke and Liam at our dining room table, writing in our notebooks. Trying to get them to live the lives of writers. Sometimes I give them something to write about, sometimes they just free write or draw. Today, my writing is online – sprung from the pages of my notebook.


Thirty-four days left of summer.
Time is flying.
Trying to grasp on with both hands,
It slips through my fingers,

You can’t slow time.
You can’t hold on.
You can just

I want it to slow down.
More time in needed.
Where are my endless days?
Where is my down time?
Where is the peace

And yet, I see you.
Marching towards me
With all that you possess.

Class Lists.
The First Day of School.

I do look forward to another year,
Just not yet.
I’m not recovered from the old one.
I still miss my students.

Thirty-four days left of summer.
I’m holding on the best I can.
Trying to savor every day.
Every minute.
Every moment.