Thursday, July 18, 2013

Slowing Down

It’s interesting, our bodies tend to go after what we need, whether we want them to or not. I didn’t think I had been doing that much this summer - some conferences, teaching reading camps, running two boys around. On some days it did seem like a lot, but on others it felt completely manageable. I did notice that I was lacking a lot of “downtime,” which is something I crave. And while I looked longingly on my calendar for a day that was blank, there were too many good things going on to say no to any of them.

That schedule came to a crashing halt this week. Monday I ran the boys to their first day of football camp. Mother Nature decided to remind us that we live in central Illinois that day and turned on the furnace full blast. I was unsure what the opinion would be of football after the boys practiced for two hours at 100+ degree temps, when adjusted for the heat index. Upon picking them up and listening to an excited conversation the entire way back, I noticed that they were pumped but I was exhausted. Hmm. I tend to be always tired – and doctors can’t seem to figure out why – but this was more than normal for me.

By Monday night I knew I had a full fledged cold. Tuesday it proceeded to build. Wednesday was full of aches, exhaustion, and a slight temp. I was down for the count.

My boys have continued the week with little complaint. Practice each day, home for a cool shower, hanging out in the air conditioned house. I have retreated to my room every day after lunch, curling up in my bed and alternating reading with napping through the long afternoons. Today was the first day in several that I had any energy. I moved a few things in Liam’s room around and was promptly spent.

What I know is this – my darn summer cold will go away soon and I will regain some energy again. While I wait, I am going to relish the downtime, relax in my bed, and enjoy the sounds wafting up from the basement of two boys happily playing video games. Cold or no cold, I do love summer.