Sunday, May 5, 2013

Screen Free Week Recap

Let’s just start out honestly here, I am an utter failure at screen free week. First, I didn’t even give up all screens. Separating my iPhone from myself for a week would never happen. I didn’t even consider that. So, what were my goals for the week?

1-     No TV. This was largely successful. I did see some of a TV show regarding the Blackhawks that my husband was watching, but that’s pretty much it.
2-   No Facebook. This was followed for the most part until Friday when I posted about an upcoming reading camp I will be hosting for middle school students. I have been on Facebook so I could reply to parents’ messages about that.
3-   No blogging. I’ve done this, but it has been seriously difficult. I’ve had so many things that have happened this week that made me want to pick up the lap top and start typing, but no.
4-  Twitter – my goal was “less time” on Twitter. I’d say I ended up having about 50 tweets during the week. More than I wanted, but much less than a given week.

So, I’d say I was moderately successful this week. I took my extra time to read several YA books in preparation for my reading camp, get a pedicure, see a high school baseball game with my family, and try and relax. We also had Liam’s First Communion and family birthday party to prepare for, so it fell at an opportune time. That being said, you might notice I’m typing this on Sunday (and posting it as well) when Screen Free Week ends at midnight. I have broken down and ended my week early; as Donalyn Miller said, it is surely Monday somewhere.

Wishing you all a fabulous week! If you participated in Screen Free Week – how did you do?