Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Letter to My Class of 2013

Dear Class,

I should start with an apology. There is no way I will be reading this to you. As you are already too well aware, the end of the year tends to reduce me to tears. So you’ll have to settle for a letter from me.

I’m so proud of you all! You have grown in ways I could not even have imagined. Yes, you are better readers and writers, and for that I’m grateful. But you are also better friends, more responsible students, and kinder people.

Remember this year.

My goal as your teacher is to teach –

I want to help you realize
How amazing you are.
The potential within you.

Remember Auggie,
And to always Choose Kind.

Remember Ivan,
And when it is important to fight for what you believe.

Remember Percy,
And the importance in believing in yourself.

Remember Gae Polisner
Our first “drafts” aren’t always the best.
It is with work and effort that they become great.
This holds true in writing as well as in life.

Remember Ame Dyckman
And, in the words of Maurice Sendak,
Live your life, Live your life, Live your life.

Remember Marianne Malone
Seeds are planted over time
What grows does not always appear until later.

Remember, please remember, Jarrett Krosoczka.
Our circumstance do not define us.
Or what we can become.

You are meant to be something great.
I feel it in my bones.

I told you the first day of class.
I love you from the moment
You appeared on that class list.

Today is not a good-bye,
Even though it seems it.
I will be your teacher now
Until forever.

Make me proud
Make yourself proud.
Remember What You Know First.
You will carry this year with you.

Now, have a great summer and READ!

With Love,
Mrs. S