Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Tears

Yesterday was an emotional day. Well, they all are right now, but it was especially so. My students were turning in reflections from their parents and themselves and I saw notes like this.


We had lunch in a local park and toured the middle school where my students will head to sixth grade in a few months. You can see some photos here.

I loved seeing so many former students and having three of them tour us around the school love these girls! 

Then we hurried back to school and I did my end of the year writing activity with them on the football field. I wrote about it for Choice Literacy and it is linked in today’s Big Fresh HERE.

Yowza. What a day. I am grateful for a three day weekend with nothing big planned and then we’ll wrap up with a fun day and a half next week.

I keep shedding a few tears at school when I think of all we have accomplished. When a student asked if I was sad, I explained that I was, a little, but truly they were happy tears. I'm just so proud of this group. What an amazing year it has been.