Monday, December 3, 2012

Slice of life - holiday craziness

My life is usually pretty full. I know I thought when I was done with grad school in May I’d have all of this free time. Really, I run like a crazy person from one item to the next, trying not to drop the many balls I’m juggling. That’s why when I read THIS POST from Stacey, it resonated. I vowed to make some changes to try and alleviate some of the rushed feeling I’ve been having of late.

That being said, here are some snapshots of my life right now:

The treadmill. After reading Stacey’s post I vowed to move more. Franki and I had talked at NCTE about trying to exercise 30 minutes most days. I’ve injured my knee so running is out right now. Each night I head down to the basement and slowly walk on the treadmill. Not much, but it’s something. And it’s helping – not weight wise but I have an anxiety producing event this week and I’m feeling better than anticipated. 

Liam (and Luke). I also vowed to leave work when I was allowed to leave from now until Christmas. My boys are very tolerant of the fact that most days I say, “Just 20 more minutes.” Over and over. Since Thanksgiving we’ve left as soon as I’m able, 3:35. (We get out at 3:10.) This means I work like crazy when I’m there, and often bring work home. But they don’t have to hang out in the building for extended time and can relax and be kids at home. Here Liam is reviewing my Cybil’s nominees. He likes to read them and inform me of how many stars I should be giving it. (FYI- Liam would like me to tell you all that Wedgieman deserves five stars, not the four stars his mom stubbornly gave it.)

Chris. Chris and I’ve known each other since I was 19 – twenty years ago this May. We’ve been married for sixteen years. He knows me very well, and I him. I love that he has always been a reader but has been reading more than ever to be a good role model to the boys. Here he’s reading Homer because I asked him to. (It made me cry, reminded me so much of our dog, Bally, who is getting on in years but still here! (Read more about Bally HERE)

Finally, books. Books have overtaken my life. I love to read but am truly overwhelmed with how much I have to read right now. It’s completely self-inflicted – I joined a book award committee which I’m enjoying. I joined #nerdbery. I keep buying books that I hear about and must read. As a result, I am looking forward to Donalyn Miller’s #bookaday over Christmas Break more than I normally would. 

And that’s it! That’s my life in a few snapshots – a small slice of what’s going on in my world right now. Leaving school earlier, working out a bit each day, remembering what’s important have all helped. I don’t think I can feel completely relaxed this time of year but I’m hoping to improve a little. J

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