Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I’m supposed to be doing the “prep” for a colonoscopy tonight. Good times. No big deal, just something I have to do every five years. And tonight’s the night, but now it’s not.

I started my prep like I should around lunch. Ran home to grab some stuff and Chris was home sick – stomach ache and fever. Talked to him, went back to school.

After school the boys went to the kitchen for snacks. Checked on Chris on the couch, he was still feverish. I hurried upstairs to begin a very icky night.

Then I heard a shout from downstairs. Liam yelled that Luke was choking on a Lego. (Why my ten year old had a Lego in his mouth in another issue.) Chris knew I was upstairs so he ran to the kitchen.

Luckily it had been a tiny Lego Luke had in his mouth. Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing it for a few days and when we do, we won’t want it back. Even more unluckily – jumping up after having a fever, stomach issues, and not eating the whole day – didn’t go well with Chris’s body. As he was walking back into the living room to lay back down, he passed out. I saw him as he walked and quickly was by his side. Once he woke up we realized he was bleeding. His crash had pushed his glasses into his left eyebrow. The blood, his groggy-ness, and his general color was enough to place a call to 911.

And what ensued was a whirlwind evening. My mom came and took the boys to her house. The volunteer firefighters and the paramedics were amazing, as was the hospital staff. When you live in a tiny town, you generally know everyone. Current and former students’ parents helped us out repeatedly. Chris had a check-up, some IV, eleven stitches, and orders to rest. Luke is also fine. For both, I am beyond grateful.

Now I sit in Liam’s room. Chris is downstairs with the dog watching basketball. Luke is on one side of me, Liam is on the other. Both are a bit shaken but doing well, and the same could be said for me. Hug your family tonight, I have and am full of gratitude for the blessings I have.