Saturday, December 22, 2012

Second Chances - inspired by Christopher Lehman

I love Google Reader. I read a lot of blogs and with Google Reader I am able to read them in one place. Somehow I had not added a subscription to Christopher Lehman’s blog. (I’ve since remedied that.)
I met Chris at NCTE 12 but have followed him on Twitter for awhile. After leaving Vegas, Franki Sibberson raved about a presentation Chris gave on Sunday (which I had to miss). So, to console myself, I purchased his new book:  Energize Research Reading and Writing. Pure brilliance! I’m using it to inspire a non-fiction unit in reading and writing when I return from break.
Today I stumbled across a recent post from Chris. (Read the full post HERE.) I really enjoyed reading it and his list of second chances just made me happy. I love lists and this was also almost like New Year’s resolutions, which I am also fond of. Look at the list Chris has created for you to think about...
Think through your personal and professional life:
o   the book you wanted to read
o   the book you wanted to WRITE
o   the application you wanted to complete
o   the song you wanted to sing
o   the team you wanted to join
o   the place you wanted to go
o   the person you wanted to go there with
o   the child you realize you have been harsh with
o   the child you realize you haven’t heard from enough
o   the child you wanted to congratulate
o   the people you wished you had thanked
o   the colleagues you do not see outside of work
o   the fears you just gotta get over already
o   the strengths you know you have locked inside

Isn't that just inspiring? Thanks for this post, Chris. And for all of you...what is holding you back? What do you really want to do? Now is the time, go for it!