Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy 40th, Chris!

Happy 40th Chris!

In the vein of Luke and Liam’s birthday this year, I’m naming something we are grateful for or love about you for every year you’ve been alive. Chris – see if you can guess which are from the boys and which are from me. Deep breath here goes:

1. You are stubborn. We share this trait. I think this can be a negative but it’s truly a positive. You don’t give up.
2. You are still a kid at heart.
3. You are loyal – to your friends and family.
4. You understand what should be the most important in this life – family comes first.
5. You like chocolate chips the way they should be made – with lots of chocolate!
6. You like to try new things.
7. You keep learning.
8. You make us laugh.
9. You learned the guitar as an adult.
10. You are a hard worker.
11. You learned how to rewire our house to save us money.
12. You let mom buy a ridiculous amount of books and don’t kill her for it.
13. You teach us football.
14. You play video games with us.
15. You watch movies with us.
16. You are a supportive father and husband.
17. You’ve been my best friend for 19 years.
18. You know how to pick your battles.
19. You are a good role model for the boys.

20. You are compassionate.
21. You want to help others.
22. You are a pessimist that tries hard to become an optimist.
23. You fight for what’s right if needed.
24. You are a good wrestler.
25. You are tight with our money, which is good – someone has to be in this family.
26. You can cook a mean pork stir-fry.
27. You are competitive when need be.
28. You work hard to take care of yourself.
29. You coach our sports teams.
30. You can teach us to ride bikes.
31. You are great with 80’s trivia.
32. You are a music nut.
33. You let us each explore our own interests and encourage it.
34. You are grateful for us all being who we are.
35. You are forgiving.
36. You are a reader. J
37. You are a wealth of knowledge.
38. You are tall. (7 foot wingspan, people, 7 feet!)
39. You’re trekking with me to Vegas to meet a bunch of teachers.
40. You belong to us. 

We love you! Happy 40th! We’ll have that Karaoke party someday!