Sunday, May 13, 2012

This is just to say...

This is just to say….

It’s been a hard weekend.

A crazy hard weekend. 

One of those times where you look at the world and try to make sense of it.

A beautiful five year old girl passed away in our town on Friday. So unbelievably sad.

Followed almost immediately by the passing of my great aunt. My amazingly wonderful, outspoken, life-loving, great aunt GG.

And then, I ran a 5K.

And today is Mother’s Day. And my graduation from grad school. (Although I am not attending.)

And so, life moves on. But I felt the need when waking up today to do something positive. Thus, a giveaway. The need to put something good out there is almost overwhelming. Thinking through what book makes me want to be better – to do more – I came back to these two, Wonder and The One and Only Ivan.  If you are selected as a winner you can pick which title you would like. Please enter below. I will pick two winners at random on Tuesday.

Giveaway Rules
1. The giveaway will run from May 13, 2012 to midnight on May 15, 2012
2. This contest is open to people living in the continental United States.
3. You must be at least 13 to enter.
4. If you can, please pay it forward. Thanks!