Monday, May 7, 2012

Slice of Life - Resolutions

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Last week in my Slice of Life video I mentioned how I use the end of the school year to reflect. The year’s end is as much about moving forward as it is about looking back. In fact, I don’t think you can do one without the other. So, as I ask my students to see how they have grown this year, I do the same for myself. What did I do that I am proud of? What am I working on for next year? Basically, my New Year’s resolutions for education. J

What I’ve done that I’m proud of:
·      Attended my first NCTE conference in Chicago. Got to meet some Twitter friends again, some for the first time. Was again in awe of the amazing community we have created.
·      I started a blog after attending NCTE. By doing that I’ve met many wonderful people and have had the chance to write weekly and had my writing seen by an audience.
·      I submitted two proposals for NCTE 2012 and both were accepted. Can’t wait to present with some amazing friends in Las Vegas.
·      I’ve read more than ever this past school year and am working to top it again in the coming year.
·      I’ve joined some reading challenges - #nerdbery and #nerdcott. Sometimes I question the wisdom of this but I am confident I will be more knowledgeable about children’s literature when I am done.
·      This Sunday I officially graduate from my graduate program with my second master’s degree – this one in Administration. YAY! 40 graduate hours over the period of 22 months. So glad to be done. (Final tomorrow night, Wednesday, at 5:30. Feel free to think positive thoughts for me. School Finance. Blah!)

My goals for this summer and the upcoming school year:
·      Rework my reading and writing curriculum. This will be my first year not co-teaching in at least six years, my first year without student teachers in the past three years. I am looking forward to really diving in.
·      Continue thinking about how to incorporate technology in different ways. I have a Promethean Board, nine iPads daily, 27 when I arrange it ahead of time, a document camera, and more. Want this to evolve.
·      Ensure my entire classroom library is organized on Booksource so next year students can check out online.
·      Begin writing the book that is dancing around in my head.

My students and I will spend the next week thinking what we are proud of that we accomplished this year, what we plan to do this summer, and what we will do to continue our growth during our next school year. I will share this list as I continue to add to it, they will share theirs. I’m excited to see where we all go next.