Monday, May 28, 2012

Slice of Life - Practicing Gratitude

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As I sat on my porch after a run yesterday I looked up at the trees and thought of what simple things can make us happy. I snapped five pictures of random items throughout the day (and one from the day before) that I am grateful for.

This one is actually from Sunday. We drove over to a nearby town to stop at the bookstore. I had several graphic novels that were not returned to my classroom library this year. I wanted to replace them before reading camp began and the boys wanted to read them. This makes me happy for many reason but the one that stands out is the happiness my boys have when I say we can go to Barnes & Noble. That and the fact that they both adore Babymouse. J

Monday was a running day. And while the run wasn’t pretty, to say the least, I fell into a chair on our porch when I got home and sat there to cool off. When I looked up at the trees and sky I remembered my trip to Colorado last year. I loved looking at the sky and the view in the morning. I wondered why I don’t appreciate my view here at home more, it was just as peaceful.

The boys asked for bagels for breakfast when I got home. Our daily dishes are fiesta gathered from my mom and great-aunt GG’s collection. I’m always happy when I get the light blue one, my favorite color, and the same color as our tile in the kitchen. Today I got the light blue one. A sign of a good day.

Finally, our pool opened today. That makes me blissfully happy. As a kid I spent a lot of time at our pool. I went to double swim team practices from 7-9 am because my friend and I enjoyed it. Then we went from the moment it opened, 12 pm, until close, 7pm. So although I don’t love putting on a swimming suit, I love going and so do my boys. I probably saw thirty students today. We talked about what they were reading. I gave out some book recommendations to some parents. And then I got to do my favorite thing – read poolside. The makings of an amazing day.

I know on Katie Davis’s podcast, Brain Burps About Books, they talked about gratitude last week. They mentioned that the research shows people who practice gratitude are healthier, happier, and often reach their goals. So this summer I’m going to attempt to slow down and pause, reflecting on what many things I have to be grateful.