Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Slice of Life - G.G.

 Slice of Life is sponsored every Tuesday by Stacey and Ruth from Two Writing Teachers.

I’m taking the day off to attend my great aunt’s funeral. And while I am grieving her loss I am reflecting about the amazing things I’ve learned from her.

My great aunt’s name was Lois Jean but we knew her as G.G. She was a spitfire – she was not meek and mild. When G.G. was upset, you knew. But she was more inclined to crack a joke – usually dirty – or tell you about her family than to raise her voice. She was a people person who enjoyed talking to strangers and friends – usually taking about her family to the strangers.

When I was young G.G. and my grandma would travel together so much that my sister called them “Grandma and the other one” but wasn’t sure who was who. In our rural community they were well known. I know one thing for sure, my life was enriched by their presence.

I’m so grateful for many things but one of the most recent things G.G. taught me was her legendary recipe for fried chicken. She was an amazing cook and when she had heart surgery a few years ago I informed her she couldn’t leave this earth – no one knew how to make her fried chicken. So, once she recovered we made the chicken together. It was a great day that I am glad to have the memory of.

And today is the last day to enter my book giveaway. While thinking of how to make a good weekend out of a tough one I decided to give away two favorite books. And, to be honest, G.G. was the reason I decided to do that. She was an extremely generous person who I will miss dearly.