Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Week Without Tuesday Blog Tour

Last year I was sent a new book called Finding Serendipity. Man, did I love that book. (Check out the review HERE.) Once I opened it, I fell into the world of Tuesday, her dog Baxterr, her family, and her new friends. I loved the messages it sent my students about writing, imagination, and following their dreams. As a result, when A Week Without Tuesday arrived at my house, I was a bit giddy to return to the world that Angelica Banks had created. (Side note, in case you are unaware, Angelica Banks is the pen names for two friends Heather Rose and Danielle Wood. How much do I love that they collaborate on this series together! So much to share with my students.) 

In this book we meet up with Tuesday again and her mom, who is the famous author, Serendipity. Something horrible is happening in the world. Authors are being kidnapped and turning up in random places around the globe. Tuesday, Serendipity, and Tuesday's dad, know what's going on. Something has happened there - that place that authors travel to when they make up the worlds in their books. Against her parents wishes, Tuesday and Baxterr journey to try and figure out what is happening and how they can stop it. 

This second volume in the series has simply left me wanting more. I want to know what will continue to happen to these characters I've grown to love (and a few new ones as well.) I hope for the sake of myself and that of my students, that this creative team has many more adventures in store for Tuesday and her friends. A Week Without Tuesday is on sale today.

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