Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Yarn with Colby Sharp and Travis Jonker

I am a huge podcast fan. I have an app on my iPhone and subscribe to several. At first, all of the podcasts, or audio shows, I subscribed to were about teaching. I began with listening to Franki Sibberson's interviews with teachers and writers for Choice Literacy. Then, I ventured into the world of children's lit with Sara Zarr and Matthew Winner. Eventually, other interests began sneaking in - Gilmore Guys as they discussed my favorite TV show of all time, John and Hank Green's new podcast called Dear Hank and John. The newest obsessions from this summer were Start Up and Mystery Show, recommended to me by my friend, Colby Sharp.

As of Monday, I added a new audio show to my line up - The Yarn.(On iTunes here.) Colby and Travis Jonker are at the helm of this show, which puts it in good hands. I've gotten to know these two guys well over the years at conferences and through Twitter. They wear many hats, not the least of which is that of a third grade teacher (Colby) and school librarian (Travis). So these two were teaming up to create a audio show? I would subscribe immediately. 

The concept for Season 1is brilliant. They are looking at one book from all sides. Hearing from all of the different folks that worked together to create this book. Say no more, I'm in. 

But there is more.

The book is by one of my favorite graphic novel teams - Jennifer Holm and Matthew Holm. The title? Only a book I've had on pre-order since last spring, Sunny Side Up. 

Seriously? How did they accomplish this? 

The podcast is eight episodes long, one released a day. Here's the schedule for season 1:

  • Aug. 17: Introduction/”This Season on The Yarn”
  • Aug. 18: Raina Telgemeier (graphic novel expert)
  • Aug. 19: David Levithan (editor/author)
  • Aug. 20: Phil Falco (cover designer)
  • Aug. 21: David Saylor (founder/publisher of the Graphix imprint)
  • Aug. 22: Lark Pien (cartoonist/colorist)
  • Aug. 23: Matthew Holm (illustrator)
  • Aug. 24: Jennifer Holm (author)
On the 25th, Sunny Side Up will finally be released. Trust me, it's good. So good I have three copies on order because one won't be enough. That kind of good.

As for what's next for The Yarn? Colby and Travis haven't decided. According to their interview with Matthew Winner for his Let's Get Busy podcast (here) anything is possible. They've committed for one season, but I do so hope there is more. What a gift they have given us. 

Today marks my first day of school. My students will be entering our classroom in just a few hours. One of the first things I will be sharing with them is the idea of story. The importance of story. That a story can be told around a campfire, in the pages in their notebook, between the pages of a book, or as an audio story. My example? The Yarn. What a story it is. I have a feeling they will be hooked too.