Thursday, August 13, 2015

Classroom Tour and Beginning the School Year

The end of summer seems like a race to the finish. School begins on the 19th for us. Teachers report back on the 17th. Likely, I will only have the afternoon of the 17th in my classroom to get ready. The rest of the time is taken up by meetings. Having the room ready by the 18th in the afternoon is tough. Students are allowed to come in with their families then to see their classrooms and meet their teachers. So this week? It is the marathon and I am exhausted. No matter how much you work, it never feels like enough and there is always, always, something more you could do. 

Last week I mailed off the "Football Field" letters. (More on what those are HERE.) This week I mailed letters to my new students. It really reminded me of the cyclical nature of teaching - saying goodbye, and then saying hello. It made me mourn for my students who have left, but feel excitement over the class that is to come. Some folks on Twitter and Facebook asked if they could see my letter to my students. I don't think it is anything fabulous, but I send a variation of this home each year. 

Last year I shared a video tour of my classroom on this blog. Many people commented that it was helpful and last week I began to get messages to see if I could do it again. There isn't a whole lot of change from last year, but I did do an updated video if that helps. I love checking out other classrooms, so I'm glad to let you all into mine. One quick tip that I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned - my bulletin board are painted. (Regular paint and a roller) I abhor cutting the bulletin board paper, getting it up, etc. I went with a calm color, the same on all boards, and it has held up for five years so far. 

Wishing you all the best school year yet! Thanks for visiting.