Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Monkey Is Not Ready For Kindergarten by Marc Brown

Recently, I was sent Monkey Not Ready for Kindergarten for review. Now I do consider myself to be in a great position to review this book. 

One, I taught kindergarten for two years.

Two, I am very familiar with Marc Brown's work through a wonderful aardvark named Arthur. 

Three, I have two boys that have already been through kindergarten and I completely get the mindset of a timid child at that stage in their life.

So it was in that frame of mind that I approached Monkey Not Ready for Kindergarten and I was immediately hooked. Monkey could have been Luke or Liam. Both were so hesitant about starting school, excited, but worried about the unknown. I felt transported back several years.

See Monkey's big day is upon him, the start of Kindergarten. And while everyone else seems to think this will be the beginning of great things, Monkey isn't too sure. His parents attempt to reassure him, his brother does too. Even some kids that will be in his class promise great things once the year begins, but Monkey worries. 

I think if I taught Kindergarten, this would be my read aloud on the first day of school. You could address, and calm, the fears of every child in your class. Even teaching fifth grade, I plan on using this in my room at the start of the year. While my fifth graders are the "big" kids, they are nervous too. This will give us an opening to remember what it was like to be five and provide an opening for conversation to discuss our concerns as we begin our year together. I think it is a fabulous book.