Thursday, June 18, 2015

If An Elephant Went To School written by Ellen Fischer, illustrated by Laura Wood

I recently received a review copy of If An Elephant Went To School. This picture book comes out July 21st. I was immediately charmed and dismayed as I read it. Charmed because the illustration and story are so much fun. Dismayed because I wished I had a copy when my almost three-year-old niece was at my home a few days before. This book is made for three-year-olds.

Vivian, my niece, is currently in that stage of development where everything is “silly.” If you ask her if her dinner is for Luke or Liam, she will reply, “No, that’s silly.” She loves to laugh and loves when things are obviously in the wrong spot. So I just know, this is a book for her. I also think this would be an awesome read aloud for a preschool to Kindergarten class the first week of school.

The picture book begins with, “If an elephant went to school, what would she learn? The ABCs? No Way! An elephant would learn to use her trunk as…” and goes on from there. Each spread is a new animal and what they would, and wouldn’t, learn at school.

The book beautiful captures the similarities and differences we all have and how school could best be structured to suit each person or animal. I think any child would be delighted to read it.

Also, there is a special illustration in the book that slips in an image of the companion book that Fischer and Wood created together, If an Armadillo Went to a Restaurant. Armadillo is also being featured over at the Reading Rainbow app if you are interested in downloading from there. (HERE