Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March Book Madness Round 2

Today during my second class I had to make a copy for someone at the copy machine next to my room. Walking back in, I noticed that my son, Liam, was standing at the first bookshelf looking for a book. Smiling, I asked what he was doing up on our floor. He explained he needed a book from the March Book Madness books. We looked for it and realized it was checked out. One of my fifth graders came over to talk books with him and he left with a book and several recommendations.

I moved over to confer with a student who was working on their biography presentation. They had chosen to create a Prezi and were trying to remember how to add a video. All of the sudden I heard Tyler exclaim.

I glanced up and asked him what was wrong.

He said he remembered I had my eye doctor appointment the following morning and that my mom was the substitute. He looked almost panicked. Would she – my mom – know the winners from Round 2 of March Book Madness?

I had to laugh. I reassured Tyler. The winners should be posted at 8 am EST. I would come into our building before I headed to my appointment and record the new winners on our bulletin board.

With all of my students appeased, we returned to work.

I am beyond grateful to my friends for creating this amazing and engaging activity for my students. It has gotten them rooting for books, discussing books they don’t know, and talking to students at other grade levels. It even got them in trouble last week when they were checking out the new results on Wednesday morning when they were supposed to be hurrying to their rooms for their PARCC test. J There aren’t many activities I’ve done that has had students messaging me at home, campaigning during school, and creating to read lists with deadlines.

Are you participating in March Book Madness? If not, feel free to join in HERE!