Sunday, March 1, 2015

Celebrate This Week

I’m joining up with Ruth Ayres for her weekly link-up, Celebrate This Week. Check out all of the posts linked up at her blog HERE. Thanks for starting this, Ruth!

I’m jumping into Ruth’s Celebrate This Week posts a day late, but I’m here nonetheless! There has been so much to celebrate that I feel I absolutely must join in, but this post has to be written in the twenty minutes it is going to take my lasagna to be cooked so I can join my family for dinner. Ready, set, go!

Awesome Test Results
A week ago Thursday I had a mole removed from my arm. I have a family history of melanoma, so it isn’t something I take lightly. Also, I knew (even among the ridiculous amount of freckles I have) that it had changed over the past few months. My doctor was concerned, so off it came. It was a long week of waiting, but I got the terrific news that it was cells that could have become cancer, but hadn’t yet. WOO HOO!

Slice of Life
It is one of my most favorite blogging times of the year. Two Writing Teachers hosts the Slice of Life blogging community for the month of March. (Click HERE to learn more.) Slicers write each day on their blog – a short narrative of their day – and leave comments for other slicers. This is the first year I am not officially joining. I’m working on saying no to things that I don’t think I can handle; and one more item on my plate right now would threaten to topple it. That being said, I’m excited to cheer on my friends and see so much writing go off into the world.

Sweet Students
I love my students. Each year I worry a bit – can I possibly love these new kids as much as I did the year before? And, every year the same thing happens, my heart grows. I cannot possibly list all of the wonderful things they do for me on a daily basis, but seeing this Instagram post from my student, Cal, made my night Friday night. To know a child thinks enough of you to think of you outside of school, remembers you love sunsets, and is willing to post that on Social Media? Yep, I have the best job in the world.

I turned the big 4-1 on Friday. Birthdays aren’t a huge deal to me, and I prefer all things in life to be a bit on the low-key side. This one was, and it was perfect. I shared cookies with my students at school, had a quiet night at home. I felt a little under the weather so I retreated to my room, read, napped, read, and cuddled with Rosie. My boys visited me upstairs and I reflected on just how blessed I am.

Title Talk

Donalyn and Colby moved Title Talk to this week due to a conflict last week. Their topic is Bringing Back the Joy of Reading. Donalyn has, unfortunately, run into some angry travel gods and will not be able to host tonight. I’m excited to step in and co-host for her and I hope to see you there. What a fun topic and I think it will be exactly what I need to jump into another workweek.
My students experiencing the joy of being readers
when Lisa McMann tweeted them back.