Saturday, March 14, 2015

Celebrate This Week

I love Ruth’s reminders to celebrate each week on her blog (HERE). This week my celebrations are all over the place.

Our sweet pup wasn’t feeling well this week, but a visit to the vet got her on the road to recovery. I love our local vet and how they are so kind and caring to every animal. I love that I can call them up and they willingly share their expertise with me and never seem rushed. We are so blessed to have them. 

Engineering Open House
Chris went with Liam on his class’s field trip to our local university this Friday. They were attending their Engineering Open House. A open house put on by the  engineering students to showcase all that they have been working on. Chris was a student at this university – in engineering. He never volunteered to work the open house, so I thought it was high time he attended. He had a great time and got to see Liam with his friends, which is always fun to watch. This is a pic that Liam’s kind teacher sent me. I wasn’t sure if the kids were allowed to be photographed online, so I did blur out their faces. J

My students
I love coming home like I did tonight and seeing messages from my sweet students. I love even more that they think of me when they are away from school, that they want to share what they are doing with me. This makes me realize just one more time how lucky I am to have the job I do. I get to work with these kids daily! 

Solo and Ensemble Contest
Luke participated in his first solo and ensemble band competition today. As I walked with him up to his middle school early this morning, I noticed that he was quieter than usual. I asked him if he was nervous and he said, “Very.” 

I explained what would happen, reminded him that he was ready. 

He said, “How would you know about this?”

I laughed. Preteens are so focused on their own lives that they forget. I reminded him that I did this for seven years in school. He laughed, nodded, and went in. He and his friend did an amazing job and got a Div 1 rating. I’m so proud of him for doing something hard. 

Taking Time
Last week I felt down. I felt out of shape, my eating was horrid, and I just felt like I wasn’t taking any time for me. This week I vowed to change that. I tracked my exercise and eating all week and made an effort to move. It paid off, not just in loosing a few pounds, but I feel so much better. Not looking long term here, just one week at a time. But I loved getting out and moving today. Looking forward to another week of the same ahead. 

Awesome bike ride today! 

Hope you all have had a wonderful week and are getting to enjoy some springtime weather! Have a great week.