Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Thank You

Thank you

I meant to send thanks to all of you here on my blog during Slice of Life.

For commenting
Mentions on Facebook

Kindness tends to come in waves. And you all are beyond kind.

And then I wrote yesterday’s post. Beyond my first ever post on this blog, it was the one I was most hesitant about. I wavered over clicking the “publish” button. But I did.

I cannot adequately thank you enough for your replies. While not an earth shattering post, it was personal. It was honest. Raw. Your comments meant a lot. So my first thanks goes to all of you.

My second round of thanks goes to a different group. Throughout the Slice of Life unit in my classroom, I shared my blog posts with my students. This was something new for me. When I wrote, at least Monday-Friday, I was aware that they were going to see it. I didn’t feel censored, but aware.

Some still read my blog, even if I didn't share a post in class. On weekends, Spring Break, days off of school, they sent me notes. They read. That’s new too. But yesterday’s post, I wasn’t going to share that one with them. It felt too exposed.

And then I did.

I am beyond grateful to this group of kids I get to spend my days with. I’m not sure they know how much I needed them this year. The silly, crazy, funny, loyal group that they are. I needed them because they have restored me. Two years of grad school did a number on my morale. This year has been a blessing.

So I shared my post and they got it. Of course, since they are kind, they immediately corrected me. They informed me that I was wrong, that I am a good teacher. And I could have basked in those compliments.

But I didn’t.

I told them I knew I was a good teacher – most of the time. Then there are those days, the ones that parenting and teaching has just wrung it all out of me. The days that I cannot get everyone on the same page at home or school. The days when I wonder if I’m heard. The days I know, I know, that I could be a better teacher. I shared that and said I was ok with it. I want them to know that. See, one day they will have those days too.

So if you are in my class, and if you are reading this - even though I will not be sharing this one - thank you. You all fill my heart up. You make me want to come to school every single day. I am beyond grateful to be your teacher.