Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rock the Vote

67 students and I watched a video today – the notorious Mr. Sharp. When Colby’s face flashed up on the screen many students asked, “Is that Mr. Sharp or Mr. Schu?”

I replied that it was Mr. Sharp.

The next comment was typically, “Is he the crazy one?”

Colby will be forever know as the crazy teacher who yells about reading and Babymouse from desktops in his classroom. (If you haven’t seen the video, Google Mr. Sharp loves reading. Watch. Smile. You’re welcome.)

Circling back, this was Colby’s video:

And then I asked my students to vote. Several had already, but some hadn’t. We needed to get our votes in before the weekend. Many deliberated, struggling to make a decision. My opinion was asked, I refused to share. I will announce which mascot I threw my support behind, but I like to build a little suspense.

A large group of my students and two colleagues are going to run/ walk a 5K in our town on May 11th. I’ve told my students that I will be wearing something that shows the mascot I hope wins at that race. I might even purchase my own mascot and she/ he can come along as we run. Check back in a few weeks for photographic evidence of that. (And pray my running takes off before then.)

Before I leave you, I would be remiss if I didn’t remind you to head over to Mr. Schu’s blog and vote yourself. If you aren’t familiar with John and Donna’s summer road trip, you are in for a treat. Follow along when they head off this summer as they celebrate independent bookstores, authors, and more.