Monday, January 23, 2012

Reflecting on Award Season - Slice of Life

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So as many of you in the field of education or in the world of books know, yesterday was a pretty big day. I might not know which teams are going to the Super Bowl but I do know that today was the ALA awards. As you might have guessed from reading a few posts on this blog, I was pretty excited. But, until today, I didn’t realize how invested I truly was.

Arriving to school I rushed to my classroom to log on to the live feed. My student teacher, Jackie, and I watched the first few awards come in. I cheered for a few, showed Jackie where those books were in my classroom library, and gave some impromptu book talks. Then the students strolled in. Quickly they figured out what was going on and a group gathered in front of our Promethean board to watch before we had to switch classes. Then, darn it, I had to work. I tested students for their fluency benchmark all morning long. Between students I’d check Twitter. The Caldecott was announced, I knew all four books, had just read the medal winner yesterday. Then, the Newbery. I had read Inside Out and Back Again, I had heard of Dead End in Norfleet but I hadn’t read it yet. Hadn’t even heard of Breaking Stalin’s Nose. Honestly, I saw those titles and my first reaction was a letdown. There were so many books I LOVED this year – where were they? My feelings were like a roller coaster rolling between letdown, angry, hurt, and more.

Then I began to process. First, I realized that what I always preach applies here too, not every book is for every reader. I LOVED Breadcrumbs by Ursu, my mom wasn’t a huge fan. (If you are reading this by some miracle, sorry Anne!) I thought it was a magical world, it wasn’t my mom’s cup of tea. Doesn’t mean it still isn’t an excellent fit – just not for my mom. And honestly, I haven’t read two of the Newbery’s yet – I might love them. I was just angry for my favorites (books and authors – to be honest, I was having a hard time separating the two.)

So my healing had begun. It fully swung around after reading Teri Lesesne’s blog post tonight. She said it better than I ever could. Just go here, read it, and come back. I’ll wait.

Read it? Isn’t she brilliant? And if you don’t follow her on Twitter, remedy that immediately. She’s @professornana on there and what a reference she is! Amazing. Anyway, I loved how she said what I was attempting to point out above. Not ever book is for every reader. But I bet I can find a reader for Dead End in Norfleet and that kid will love it just as much as I loved Laurel Snyder’s Bigger than a Bread Box. (And, while I’m handing out directives today, if you haven’t read that – remedy that as well.) So, was I a bit disappointed today, yep. But I now have several books I’ve added to my “to be read” pile. Not a bad thing. And for a while today, books dominated the “trending” list on Twitter. Happy Day! I congratulate all the winners and look forward to another year of racing through books to try and predict again.