Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Crazy June

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My last day of school this year was June 4th. By early morning on June 6th, my family was on the road. For the next eleven days we drove 2,600 miles and spent 42 hours together in the car. We visited Nokomis, Florida; Disney World; and Daufuskie Island. On the 16th of June we drove fifteen hours straight to be able to get home in one day. The 17th found my sons and I running errands, restocking the house with food, and me packing. And on the 18th, I headed out again.

It might be insanity to plan the June I did, but there are times when the opportunities are too good to pass up. I didn’t originally plan an eleven day road trip for my family – just five days in Disney was the original idea. But seeing family for the weekend before and after? Too good to miss.

Final dinner at All Write 
Now I am wrapping up another week away. The All Write conference was in Warsaw, Indiana on the 19th and 20th. On the 21st, I said goodbye to my friend Donalyn and headed west to La Porte, Indiana. The Choice Literacy retreat was scheduled to start there the next day. I’ve spent the last seven days at All Write and Choice Literacy learning about reading and writing. I’ve also spent it with friend—some old, some new—laughing and being rejunivated. Our retreat’s theme is renewal, and I’m feeling that right now.
Morning coffee run at Choice Literacy
In just a few hours I will jump in my car and head home, the first real time at home since June 5th. Almost half of my summer is gone, but that is completely ok. I think sometimes we have to give up something we treasure to get even more in return. I am a homebody by nature. I love staying in pajamas, reading all day, hanging out with my family, and relaxing. These three weeks have been the opposite of the way I would normally spend my June, but have brought me more than I could ever imagine in return. One of my quotes in my classroom is We Do Hard Things. While this summer hasn’t been “hard” in the difficult sense, it was hard to give up a week with my family, it was hard to be gone from home. I also know I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Thanks for the laughter, my friends. It has been wonderful. 


  1. Hi,
    It has been fun to follow your travels with and without your family on FB. I am curious about Miss Tuck. I had a student named Jennifer Tuck years ago in gr. 5. Curious if she remembered you. Maybe I missed it. I have been crazy busy (aren't we all). Sitting here in Boothbay Harbor Maine have huge jealousy knowing the fabulous Heinemann Retreat is going on across the way. Enjoy all of your days.

  2. I sympathize! My first five years teaching, I would jump in the car and drive from Tacoma to Vermont right after the last day of school (or even before) to get to my MA program. It was busy, but totally worth it.

  3. Katherine,
    On Sun., I co-hosted the #nctechat about summertime professional learning, and I wrote about it in my SOL today. I was talking about how inspiring it was to hear from all those passionate teachers who continue to learn all year. You're one of those people, and I'm proud to be in a profession that contains people like you!! The Ohio CL Writing Retreat starts tomorrow. Can't wait!

  4. I understand that crazy June. As soon as school ended we had dance recitals, family photos and last minute packing for our week and a half trip to Colorado Springs! We're out here now and I haven't gotten through half the books I brought with me :) I am hoping to go to All Write next summer. It sounds wonderful. I'll see you at NerdCamp in a couple of weeks! Looking forward to meeting you!

  5. With family trips, too, my June has been taken too, Katherine. It was so nice to see you at All-Write & glad you had fun all the way through. Happy July at home!

  6. Sometimes it's the doing something totally different that makes it special and memorable! It sounds like you had a marvelous adventure!

  7. It is June 24th and you have done all of this...and I know you are not done yet!