Monday, November 30, 2015

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

I'm thrilled to link up with Teach Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers each Monday and share our reading lives. Check out their sites for more information. 

I've missed sharing my reading life for most of November on this blog, so it's fitting I finally post again on the last day of the month. My reading in November has been lots of "parts" of books - mostly professional - as I decide whether I have an idea I want to write about or not. I have read several picture books in the last week, but for today I decided to concentrate on what I read this week. 

It was a good reading week. I challenged my students to really read over break and I pledged to read a book a day. This wasn't exactly a hardship, I had so many ARCs from NCTE I wanted to read and pass on to them. The majority of the advanced copies had gone in my classroom before break. I'll read them when the students aren't. But these, these I needed to read. 

A quick run down on my reading before I head out the door for school:

Lucy & Andy Neanderthal is a graphic novel from Jeffrey Brown, who created Jedi Academy. Here he follows the story of two neanderthals and at the end of each chapter are two scientist from the present explaining what life was like for them. My kids will love it.

The Wild Robot from Peter Brown is his first middle grade book, I believe. My students love him from Mr. Tiger Goes Wild and My Teacher is a Monster. They will devour this story about a robot, Roz, who ends up on this island and finds her way. I wasn't sure that I'd connect with a robot, but I loved her by the end. (Heck, by the first thirty pages.) I'm praying this is a series because it sure seemed so at the end. 

I foolishly posted a photo of Booked on Instagram and instantly had comments and messages from current and former students begging for the book. Kwame Alexander has done it again. This is not a continuation to The Crossover, but a stand alone book about a twelve year old named Nick who is dealing with a bully, his parents' separation, and a crush - all things my students can relate to. Nick is also a soccer player. I loved this book. 

Hook's Revenge was a book I started before NCTE, but had to wait until the end of the conference to return to. Captain Hook's daughter, Jocelyn, is out to tackle that famous crocodile and get revenge for her dad. Kids will love this series.

Pax, oh boy. This book will tear you up, but then leave you wanting more. Peter found a fox kit five years ago. He raised him and named him Pax. Now Peter's father has to join the army to fight the war that is invading their home. He tells Peter it is time to return Pax to the wild. Peter does, but then immediately regrets it. Then, the adventure begins. Pax is told in alternating chapters of Peter and Pax's story. Amazing. 

And, Dead Boy. I have a review up of this one on my blog for Friday. It's a good one. 

Hope you have a fabulous week!