Tuesday, November 3, 2015

It's Monday! (A Day Late) What Are You Reading?

Sorry to post my weekly reading late, my internet at our house has been just complete crap of late. Coincidentally, my students are posting their weekly reading to our Padlet a day late too. At any rate, I read some fabulous books last week and wanted to share. 

As I am running late for school, I can't break down what I thought of every book this week. They were amazing! What I do want to mention are the three professional development (PD) books I read this week. Three! Sunday night's #titletalk Twitter Chat talked about reading plans and gaps. PD books are ones I love to read, and love to buy, but I don't always get around to reading them as fast as I purchase. 

My advice to you is this. Tell your students to hold you accountable to a reading plan (or this would work with any plan, really.) I told them I wanted to read ten PD books by the time I head to NCTE mid-November. They ask me every day (and nightly on Instagram) where I am in my reading plan. Absolutely helping to keep me accountable! 

Have a fabulous reading week!