Saturday, October 3, 2015

Celebrate This Week

Ruth Ayres reminds us to look for the small moments to celebrate each weekend on her blog. (HERE) Sometimes I need that reminder more than others. Not this week. It was amazing.
Spirit Week
This week is one of my favorites of the school year. It's also insane. With Homecoming on Friday, we have Spirit Week leading up. Each day has a different theme and the kids dress up for it. To say it has a different vibe than the other weeks in the school year would be an understatement. To say you are competing for their attention would also be fair. But I love it, and not just because I get to wear jeans each day. Spirit week rocks! 

Fabulous Colleagues 
I know I love the folks I teach and work with, but this week showed me that even more. People covered my class so I could run to the doctor to see if I had strep throat. (Nope, just a cold and allergies.) I had folks step in to help get copies for my substitute on Friday because I ran out of time. A colleague that works in the tech department helped me troubleshoot on the iPads. And a teacher on my team sent me photos from the parade when I couldn't be there. So many amazing friends that I'm blessed to work with each day.

An Amazing Visit
I've had several friends in education come visit my classroom in the last year. I love it each time. You get to see your students through their eyes, and that's powerful. My friend, Donalyn, was able to spend Thursday in my room. She's an awesome educator who knows a thing or two about reading, so that was cool. What I loved more was seeing her interact with my students. This photo pretty much says it all. Two of my more vocal boys were checking on release dates with her for some books they want me to order. (Side note - it's Superhero day, thus the Superman outfit complete with tutu.)

This Guy
Chris's birthday was on Thursday. In honor of it, I left town and went to a conference. Seriously? I'm so grateful that he was fine with that and knew that it was something I really didn't want to miss. We did celebrate with some cake and pizza before I left. 

The Homecoming Parade is one of my favorite parts of the school year. I would only miss it for something equally amazing. Heading to the IRC conference and listening to Penny Kittle and Donalyn Miller for the day? Worth it. I'll write up a post tomorrow about what I took away from it, but the one thing that I'll say here is how valuable it was for me. In a conversation at IRC, a new friend was telling me how districts are discouraging teachers from taking days off during the year. Providing incentives if you don't miss any time. I am a better teacher for attending professional development. I am a better teacher because I leave inspired and ready to return to the classroom and teach. It was an amazing day.

The Big Game
I rushed home from Peoria to make it for the High School football game. Part of me really just wanted to go to bed, but I love watching my former kids on the field. It was an amazing game, which we pulled out at the end to win 9-6. What an end to an amazing week!