Sunday, May 31, 2015

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

I'm thrilled to link up with Teach Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers each Monday and share our reading lives. Check out their sites for more information. 

I wasn't sure what reading I would get done last week. It was the final push of the school year. The final week for instruction. The final assignments to be graded. The final field trip. It was insane. 

And yet, I did read. As the week grew busier and busier, it was almost as if I needed to read to stay sane. So much was crazy around me, I needed those moments of quiet. I stole them every chance I got.

And now, two days of school left. Time for goodbyes, final thoughts, and a crazy fun field day on Tuesday. My report cards are written, my comments have been typed. The real work of the week is done so I can just sit back and enjoy it.

Here was my reading for the week:

There were a ton of great books. A quick note, Round Ireland is a memoir for adults, not kids. We're taking a family trip to Ireland this summer and it was fun to read and imagine. 

The Spinny Icky Showdown is an upcoming book in the Arnie and the Doughnut series. So much fun. Both it and Apocalypse Bow-Wow would be good for third grade on up. 

A Handful of Stars is by Cynthia Lord. She is simply brilliant and I cannot wait to share this one with my dog loving students from this year and the past. Both it and the 7th volume in the Cemetery Road series, The Lock Ness Punster, would be great for fourth grade on up. 

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda is a amazing YA book. I absolutely loved and devoured it. I listened to the audio, purchased it on Kindle so I could read faster. Finished it, cried, and listened to the last quarter again as I ran errands because I didn't want to be done. I love Simon. 

Finally, Billy's Booger blew me away. By William Joyce, this is a "sorta" memoir (his words) about the first book he wrote when he was in fourth grade. The start and end of the book follow Joyce in his fourth grade classroom. In the center of the book is his fourth grade masterpiece, inserted in the book. I absolutely loved this and would easily use it in third on up. 
Wednesday will find me joining Donalyn Miller and other friends as I participate in Summer #bookaday once again. By my calculations, my summer will be seventy-five days. That means I need to read seventy-five books. Before you faint, any book counts. I could read seventy-five picture books, and I might. I usually end up doubling my goal because I do read so many picture books and graphic novels. We will see. Join in if you can, and follow the hashtag #bookaday on Twitter. You'll find so many recommendations, you will just have to carve out your own time and read with us.