Saturday, April 18, 2015

Happy Birthday, Liam!

Liam turns ten today.


Double Digits.

8:29am, just ten years ago, I became a mom to two.

My heart leaps and breaks at the same time. To say I had no idea how powerful being a mom would be is the biggest understatement of all time. There are no words adequate to express my love for my sons. So, I will continue my semi-annual tradition of listing ten things I love about Liam.

To Liam on his tenth birthday:

I love….

The freckles that march across your nose,
Reminding me of my own.

Nose in a book,
Any book.
The desire to hold “read-a-thons”
In my room.
Reading the day away.

Your laid back,
No cares,
Worry free attitude.
Socks on the floor.
You cannot be bothered to stress about things.

Heart of a warrior.
Where is the boy who wouldn’t speak?
Wouldn’t look others in the eye?
Wouldn’t leave my side?

Kindness exudes,
Pours through your skin,
Your eyes.
It is something you can see.
Care of your friends,
Your family,
Your dog.
Your heart is so big,
It cannot be contained.

The crooked smile.
Baby teeth long gone,
Adult teeth lined up,
Haphazardly placed,
Giving a smile that is just for me.

The way your tongue pokes out,
Just breaking through the corner of your mouth,
As you think,
Written all over your face.

Your sense of style,
The more neon,
The better.
Neon yellows matching with neon yellows,
We can see you coming.

Your comics,
Details that I wouldn’t think to include.

Wisdom is something they say comes with age,
But I think you have it now.
You know what is important.
You value time with your family.
A good sunset or sunrise.

And last,
But certainly not least,
That has not disappeared.
Each time I feel it,
I fear that it is the last.

I’d ask you to stop time, stop growing, stop aging, but that isn’t natural. You are growing up just as you should and it is a blessing to watch you become who you are meant to be. We are so proud of you, Liam. Thanks for taking us along for the ride.