Friday, April 17, 2015

Celebrate This Week

I love Ruth’s reminders to celebrate each week on her blog (HERE). 

Thanks again to Ruth for hosting this weekly celebration. It really helps me to find a focus for my week.

I’ll be honest, I was dreading this week. Looking on the calendar I noticed I had six meetings, two altered schedule days with shortened classes, one early out day, and a field trip. Liam’s birthday is tomorrow and with it comes a sleepover, a party with a few of his friends, and a family party (but thankfully that one is next weekend.) Also, the realization that my little guy is not so little anymore. So to say my week was causing me a bit of stress would be an understatement, but we persevered. Let’s celebrate.

I often bemoan the lack of time to exercise with our crazy schedules. At some point this week I realized that I have to get up every morning at six to take Rosie out. In doing that, I often walk her around our yard for about ten minutes. The flash of insight hit me – I could just walk her our short walk route – one mile – every morning instead. She’d still get in her morning bathroom routine, but I’d also get a bit of exercise in to start my day. It has worked beautifully.

Field trips
I’m not a huge fan of most field trips. In most cases, I’d rather be in the classroom teaching and talking books and writing with my kids. I have so much I don’t feel like we get to, that teaching is where I’d rather be. That being said, we went on a field trip today and I had fun with my small group and trying to capture photos of my entire class as we would pass. Here’s a quick video of our trip.

Picture books
The other day my student, Tyler, looked up from the couch where he was rereading one of his favorite picture books, Jenny Offill’s Sparky. (This is pretty much a weekly occurrence for him.) I was at a table in front of him holding a reading conference. Tyler said, “Mrs. S, the publisher of this book screwed up. They have ages 4-8 years on the flap.”

I smiled and reminded him that many folks believe picture books are for the young alone.

Tyler simply looked at me and said, “That’s crazy.” And continued to read.

That interaction pretty much summarizes the content of our Nerdy Book Club post today. (HERE)

This weekly blog post gives me a chance to see that even the craziest of weeks have the fabulous moments in them, waiting for you to enjoy. 

Have a fabulous weekend!